McMEL offers a wide range of aluminium products to help you create a custom guardrail. Discover our range of panels, spindles, posts or handrails that would give you the opportunity to customize your guardrail according to your needs and budget. You can create a structure that suits you by choosing among one of our high-quality models. Make the choice of a durable and safe facility with our aluminium guardrails.

Glass and panels

Photo de garde-corp en verre

Discover our selection of aluminium and glass panels for quality and modern guardrails. Make your choice among various styles and colors to conceive a construction that will meet your desires.


For buildings with a shared stair case entrance, the building code requires guardrails to be at 36". All the handrails models that we offer adapt easily to aluminium panels, spindles, posts. For our standard guardrails, please see our section below.


Barreaux en aluminium

Define your railing look by choosing a model of spindle (rectangular, square or oval). Choose simplicity and ease of maintenance with aluminium.


Poteaux en aluminium

We offer various types of aluminium posts models that you can choose according to their size or color for a unique style! Contact us for personalized advice.

Small columns

Colonnette en aluminium

Add an elegant touch to you railing thanks to our differents small columns models. With their full or fluted finish cut, our aluminium small columns gives you a unique and effortless style.


Balcon en aluminium

Create your tailor-made balcony thanks to our various customizable elements. MCMEL offers a range of aluminium floor and railing to help you easily conceive your balcony.

Available colors

  • Clay
  • Gloss white
  • Charcoal
  • Metallic grey
  • Gloss black
  • Cast iron black
  • Storm zone
  • Commercial brown

Glass Railing

  • Clear glass Railing

  • Gray glass Railing

  • Bronze glass Railing

Intimacy Panel

  • Cast iron black

  • Faux wood

  • Cast iron white

  • Barn wood

Handrails and tubular models

  • Princesse

  • Duchesse

  • Baronne

  • Royale

  • Tubular handrails

Spindles models

  • Square 3/4 x 3/4

Posts models

  • Post 2''

  • Post 2 1/2''

  • Post 3''

  • Post 4''

Small columns models

  • 4'' fluted

  • 6'' contemporary

  • 8'' contemporary

  • 6'' fluted

  • 8'' fluted